"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My mountains...

Hey ya'll,

    Do you ever crave a place, like you crave food? I do, I crave the mountains, the deeper, the better. I am happiest when I am hiking, or camping, the peace and quite of the woods, a big open field in a mountain valley, a creek or a river. I have lived in a suburb with an inground pool, I have lived in a city with houses 2 feet apart, 2 miles from the mall. And I have lived on an 18 acre farm on top of a mountain, in a little white farm house with a tire swing, and goats, and a dog. And out of all those places, I have to say my favorite was the 18 acres, with the crazy goats, and the dog, and the tire swing. I miss my tire swing, when you are a kid, and you have a million thoughts going through your head, the best place to be is on a tire swing, with the rope creaking, and the wind going through your hair, it's pure heaven. I am craving that place now, my comfort zone, I am craving that place like people crave coffee, or chocolate, or drugs. That place is my drug. I need it, and sometimes, I get in the car, and I drive to that place, and I get out and let the fresh air hit my face, and I just breath for a little while. And then I have to get back to reality and go home. But I like the thought of being able to go back there, even if it is just to breath for a little while. Thank you God for that place, and those memories, and my family.


  1. I've never lived any other place than the mountains of western NC-couldn't imagine anywhere else I like to live either : )

    Congrats on the cheese-I've been making yogurt for the past few months-its so much better than what I've bought for years. I like your blog- If you ever have time visit me at www.blindpigandtheacorn.com sometime.

  2. I think the western NC mountains are the most beautiful on earth. I spent many vacations in Brevard. There is something special there. We ended up in Maine in our treck north. I truly love our farm. It's rural, quiet. Part of my heart is still in NC. I miss it more than where I grew up in FL.


The enchanting Blue Ridge Mountains I call home.


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