"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't wait!

Hey ya'll,

     I can't wait until it gets warmer! I want to the feel the dirt in my hands! I want to smell freshly plowed dirt, and I want my back to ache from bending over and putting seeds in the ground, I want dirt under my nails from digging and planting babies that I have started from seed. I want blisters on my hands from hard work and from holding the hoe and weeding. Winter is too long for me! I want to see little baby buds and veggies on my plants, I want to smell a tomato plant, I love the smell of tomato leaves. And as much as I hate lightening, and heavy rain, I want to hear thunder and rain pitter pattering on my roof, I want to smell rain in the heavy summer air. It seems like yrs have gone by since last summer. I dont like ticks, or snakes, or bad storms, but I need to be outside, I need to hang out my fresh clean clothes. I am ready to wear one layer of clothes instead of 4 or 5. Hopefully my mom and I are going to build cold frames and raised beds, and my husband and I are going to plow half an acre of garden, maybe more. And if I can afford it, I am determined to get some chicks this spring!

    I have started another blog, its at : http://www.appalachianhousewife.blogspot.com/ and I have made several things and posted pics and pay pal buttons for them. And I am also accepting money orders. My latest creation is a onsie with a beatrix potter patch I cut out of some material and sewed on myself. There are cards with pics I took myself, and some cards that I made. And I will be adding some other things soon, that I am working on now.

  Well I guess I better go for now, still lots to do before bedtime, God Bless you all!!

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