"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I need some help...please read!!

Hey ya'll,

    I need some advice from all you chicken owners out there! I just got some baby chicks, and we are in the process of building our chicken coop. But I have been talking to people with chickens, and I am so worried about how I am going to keep racoons, coyotes, rats and opposums out, I want to get some electric netting but it is so expensive!! My friend kim said a racoon got 6 of her hens in one night!! I only have 6!! I am in love with all 6 of them! I know we should put cinder blocks, under the ground underneath the coop so nothing can dig, but should we put 2 layers of fencing? Like one chciken wire, and the other wire mesh? I am going to have a coop that is sealed up like a prison, except for the vent at the top, but i am freaking out about the security!! Someone please help me!! I am really stressing over this! Oh and please spread the word about my other blog http://www.appalachianhousewife.blogspot.com/ so I can make some money! Every job I am applied for or interviewed for has fallen through, so I need to sell some of my cards and the onsie! I need some chicken coop money!! Thanks!



  1. There are several tricks and tips you can try in an effort to keep out predators. One way is to make sure the door to your coop latches instead of simply leaving it with a board that rests inside a "cup" (I don't know the technical terms for these things) Raccoons and weasels are smart little buggers and they will figure out quickly how to just lift that up and pop open the door. So buy a closure that actually catches and latches.
    For other ideas you can check out these sites. They have a lot of useful info from building your coop to raising your chicks to feed etc.

  2. Thanks for info! I am afraid I am such a worry wort, my coop with look like a prison by the time I am done! God Bless!

  3. Hi there!

    We too have chickens and I was worried about that. What we did that has worked is buried chicken wire a foot or so deep below the ground, piled big rocks on it, and then buried the rocks. We too took the Fort Knox way of securing our chicken coop. We did find a breech in coop security a couple weeks ago. We did not think about the steps going into the coop. A rat had dug under them and was stealing food. When we pulled the steps to secure under them, we found a big pile of feed the rat was storing. I think he got an egg once too because I found nothing but a mashed yoke in one of the nesting boxes.

    Make sure you use the 1 inch wire as chickens can poke their heads through 2 inch wire and a weasel will come along and do the chicken in.

    We built a run that is covered off the coop for when we are not here. We only let them free range the property when we are around to ward off predators.

    The other thing to do is add hog wire around the base and bury it down in the ground as well. I have been told that various predators can chew through the thin chicken wire but can not get through hog wire (makes sense).

    Have fun and enjoy your chickens. We are no experts but the forum on Backyard Chickens has been an invaluable resource for us.

    Also, get a rooster. They help protect the hens. Ours will hoot like an owl if a hawk is in the area. Owls are predators of hawks so his hooting will send the hawk instantly in the other direction. Guineas are good too but if you think a rooster is noisy, wait till you hear guineas. Our neighbor has one and they have a shrill sound! But are still cool animals!

    We too live in WNC and are working towards the self sufficient life as well. The satisfaction of doing so has been the best reward yet!


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