"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Onions, berries,chickens, and a black bear oh my!!

Ahhhh, blackberries, my Favorite!! I also love raspberries!! And I cant get enough of them! That's one of the reasons I love summer in the Mountains, they grow wild in the woods, and if you are brave enough to go into the woods you can find some pretty big and juicy berries, the berries I am holding in the picture below were on the edge of the woods and I had my big rubber boots on, or I would not have gotten them, because we have seen a lot more snakes this year than any other year before. We also have a black bear or two living either in the woods or in the apple orchard by the pond through the woods by our house, so I am a little more cautious this year than last year. I have not gotten a picture of the bear yet, but I am sure I will before the summer is past.


While I was picking berries, which were soooo good by the way, my mom found wild onions that had gone to seed. I have never seen wild onions do that before, but i have also never seen any plants go to seed until this year, since I have become a gardener. I am going to start a seed saving book, and learn as much as I can about saving seeds. There were wild onions all over the place this year, in our yard, in the woods, we picked over 200 at one time, I posted about that a while back. So I gathered as many seeds from the ones that were not picked as I could, they were in little pods, there is a picture above.
    My Chicks are no longer chicks, they are now chickens, I ended up with three roosters and three hens, by mistake. So I have a question for all you chicken owners out there, if I keep all three roosters, will I have any eggs to eat, or will I end up with more chicks than eggs? I don't want to get rid of any of them, there has been a lot of cock fights busted around these parts, and I don't want them to go to the wrong hands. They are so crazy, I love to watch them. They absolutely love clover, they chase me if they see me pick it, and they love zucchini. And I love to hear the roosters trying to crow, sooo cute!! And they cluck now, and make the cutest noises!! I could watch them all day!! I think i am going to try and grow clover as a ground cover in my garden this winter, I would hate for my chickens to go without it.Well, I guess I better go and get my made from scratch french bread out of the oven and see if it turned out OK. Oh, I have to tell you all, I went to see Miss Loretta Lynn in concert the other night, 8 rows from the stage, and I love her so much!! She was so purtty!! And when she sang Cole Miners daughter, I have to say I cried, isn't that silly!! Well, God Bless y'all!!!

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