"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have been away for a while

Hey ya'll,

     I have been away for a while, busy with work, chickens, the garden, vacation, and the baby robin hubby rescued from his work. Here he is in the picture below, hubby found him on the hot pavement, and moved him, and watched all day and said he never saw the mama come back. So he brought him home, and we put him in a cage and hand fed him for over a week, and finally decided to take him to the nature center here. It was so hard to take him, we fell head over heels in love!! He would sit on my shoulder while I washed dishes, and he would sit on hubbies head when he came home from work.
   I cried for 2 days after we took him to the WNC nature center. We get updates on him, he is now at the blue ridge wildlife institute in banner elk, and they send me e-mails about him.
And as you can see above, I got my first chicken egg!! It was from my Rhode island red, and I was soooo excited!! I couldn't eat it because it was broken on the end, I guess she pecked to check it out! But it sure was purtty!

We went camping for a few days in Cades Cove, TN and it was so much fun, I love to rough it, we washed in the creek, cooked over a fire, and it was my step sons first camping trip!

Hubby and I went out at 6:30 in the morning while everyone was asleep and took about 100 pictures of the fog and the deer, I would post more pics but there are about 1000!! Cades Cove is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world!! Well, I will Post more later, we have lots of veggies to can and freeze!! God bless all!!


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  1. I think WNC and TN are some of the most beautiful places on earth. I love Maine but my heart is in WNC. Cades Cove is lovely anytime of day. I agree with your hubs. Take those pics.


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