"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

Friday, September 16, 2011

A very sad day for me...

                                          My sweet babies
                                          Their younger days, and if you notice their Mcdaddy is in there, I gave him away last year!

Hey y'all,
       This is a very sad day for me, this afternoon, a very sweet lady is coming to take my two rhode island reds home with her. It's not sad for them because she keeps hers for layers, and she is replacing her two reds that died, with mine. The reason for this is, I don't have a very big coop, and I don't have a very big run, I built it as big as I could afford to at the time. My husband had planned on building a much bigger one, but now I have other reasons for giving them away. They are picking on my sweet banty "little bit" so bad that I think they might kill her. I can not afford to build a bigger coop right now, and I don't have a permanent way to separate them. Also, last winter was really hard here, it stayed between 9 and 18 degrees all winter, it snowed about 12 inches in Nov. and it didnt melt until April. I have no way to heat the coop because its so small, and we also have a lot of family that we need to go see, and I don't have anyone I can trust to take care of them while I am gone. So, for these many reasons, I though it best to give them to a home where they can run around pen free and be spoiled as much as I spoil them and I know they will not be butchered. The reason I have to keep mine in a pen, is because we have coyotes, the hawks are really bad, and people don't put their dogs up, and we have had a few mean ones run through our yard. Little bit, my sweet banty, might be going to a friend of mine, but I will worry to death about her. She is the sweetest little chicken I have ever seen! But, she will not defend her self, and right now she is molting her feet and butt feathers and I am afraid that my friends chickens will not except and they might kill her, do you guys think that might happen? I am really scared for her, I wish I could keep her as a pet, but she will freeze to death this winter with out other chickens in the coop, and I am afraid she will get to lonely, do chickens need other chickens around them? I am going to have a very hard time giving her away, I actually sobbed the other night just thinking about it! Sad I know, but I get attached to animals really easy! But I guess it would be better for her to let her go, poor little thing :o( well, say a prayer for me, I need it!!!! God bless you all, hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Prayer here. Having raised banty before, I know they get picked on. Yes, they are animals that become our pets. At least they won't be killed, that's GOT to be what you hold onto! Virginia...http://ourfamilymemories1996.blogspot.com/

  2. thanks! The lady that came and got them today was super nice, and she said I could come by anytime to see them! I just hope my friend can come and get my banty soon, I think she is very lonely already!

  3. So sorry you are giving your chickens away. They are lovely and make great pets. I think they are flock animals and like to be with each other. We stay around 13 and below in the cold winter months, the coop stays nice and warm with all the hens and turkeys and guineas. I can't butcher my hens either. They give me eggs, I give them retirement.

  4. I grew up with chickens, and I love them. I'm so glad you found somebody to take them, and how nice that you can come to see them. I very much enjoyed reading your blog. Take care of yourself and God bless you.


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