"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mountain Boomers

Hey y'all,

    Ok, so two days ago I was out hanging clothes on what may be the last warm day of the season, and I got the  life scared out of me, and I will tell you why. The location of our clothes line is on the side of the house right next to the woods, and I mean woods, where bears, coyotes, foxes, all kinds of hairy scary things that will eat you live! We live in the beautiful mountains of Western NC, and right now the leaves are gorgeous, so I was enjoying the view of our colorful woods while hanging my clothes. Now, we hear snapping twigs, and rustling in the leaves  all the time, and I get kinda scared and then I brush it off as a rabbit or something cute. Well, this day I heard a twig snap and it sounded like freakin Sasquatch was in the woods 2 feet away! Then I heard lots of rustling in the leaves and a very loud boom! I then ran to the porch and grabbed my weapon of choice when I can't reach my gun in time, my trusty garden hoe. So I was armed and ready with my hoe at the clothes line ready to beat to death with the fury of tawanda  ( fried green tomatoes) what ever my come my way. And of course the noise stopped, so I put my hoe down and continued hanging my clothes. Then I heard the boom again, and what sounded like a limb falling, and more rustling. So hoe in hand again I was ready! Now, all kinds of thoughts were goin through my head, I have a great imagination ya know. First I thought of the tomato stealing black bear I named George that lives in our woods,  then I thought of a mad raccoon that had been trying to eat my chickens and likes to frequent our porch at night in search of dog food, then hungry, mad, desperate coyotes crossed my mind since I had heard them howl the night before, so imagination running wild at that point, I heard the boom again and it was getting closer. So remembering my husbands words in my head about swinging an ax, I chocked up on the hoe handle ready to swing, the noise was even closer, hear it comes... my heart was pounding in my head... and out of the woods.... came.... a..... squirrel... A SQUIRREL!!!! Wow, do I feel dumb! Now I know why they call them mountain boomers in WNC, a dang squirrel! So then I put the hoe down, hoped now one saw me, said a thank you to God for it not being what my imagination was dreaming up, and finished hanging my clothes, adventure over.


  1. Those darn little tree rats are something else! I've had them hanging from my window screens and climbing all over my screen door at times!

  2. They are something else! We have one that body slams the back door wanting food!

  3. LOL, I could just imagine right along with you. We don't have any squirrels. We have cats, cats that keep the barn free from rats. They think the squirrels are rats, hence, no more squirrels. Glad you were safe.


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