"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where is Christmas?

Hey y'all,

   So hubbies back is back to normal!! Thank you to all of you who said a prayer, I believe prayer is an ultimate healing power!! But we still need prayer this way I am afraid. My husband got laid off from the company he had been with for over 7 years in this past June. He is getting his last unemployment check next week, and neither one of us has a job. He has been looking since day one, and there just are not any jobs in our area, for me, him or the 700 other unemployed people here.  The scary thing is he has to pay child support every month for the son he had from his first marriage. If he misses two payments, they could put him in jail. I wish someone would explain to me how this makes sense. They put you in jail and peg you as a dead beat, and they leave you in jail until you can make the payment. Now, if you are in jail, and not working, how are you going to get the money to make that payment? Can someone please tell me that? I would  really love to know how that is supposed to work.  I really don't know what we are going to do, it terrifies me to know that we will have no income and we have no money saved up. So everyone out there that prays please say some extra prayers for us!

    On another note, we have 70 MPH winds coming for the next two days! If it blows us away, I hope it blows us to Prince Edward Island, to a little farm house, with a wood stove, some animals and lots of open fields..... I know, I am dreaming!! But right now, that's all I have!

   So, I don't know if I am the only one who has had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, but I can't seem to find Christmas this year. I think it's because wal-mart and all the other companies start running it into the ground 2 days after Halloween! And there have not been any Christmas movies on TV, and it's been so warm, you just don't feel much like dashing through the snow, or decking the halls. And I am normally the happy, giddy, annoying person that exudes Christmas! I have all the old Christmas movies, old Christmas CD's and so many decorations it's looks like an elf exploded in my mama's house. But it's been very hard for me this year, I am  slowly getting there, maybe by Christmas day I will be. So when I feel down, I look at our Christmas tree all lit up and decorated with the ornaments that have been passed down by our family, and I play the Little women soundtrack in my head, that is one of my favorite Christmas movies, and when I do that, while drinking my mama's Russian tea, I feel Christmas for just a little while. So if you are having a hard time finding Christmas, listen to the youtube soundtrack for Little Women, while drinking something festive, and look at your tree and mediate and thank God for what you have, it will lift your spirits for a little while, I promise!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hey y'all!!!

    So I have been gone awhile again! Hubby hurt his back again and I have been working and helping him for the last week or so, and I had a craft sale to get ready for. I made so much paper I had pulp and glitter coming out of my ears! And I am sad to say, I only sold 4 sheets to a friend. So the rest will be going on my etsy site little by little. I love making paper! And  I found out that 9 or maybe 10 generations ago, my grandfather Thomas Willcox came over from England and built the first paper mill in the colonies in the 1600's. He was best friends with Benjamin Franklin and he made the paper for his poor Richards almanac, his books and his newspaper. He also made the very first paper money in America! There is a blog that one of my distant family members has made, it is here: thomaswillcox.blogspot.com. So I guess I come by the paper making thing naturally!! So, if you or someone you know likes handmade paper, check out my shop! I only have a few things on there now, but I will be adding more later. The link to my shop is on the side bar on my blog.

     And I have other news too!  While my hubby was down with his back he had a lot of time to think! So we decided we are going to gut our camper a little at a time and remodel the whole inside, and I am sooooo excited!! I can't wait to get started. So one day this week I am going to take lots of pictures of the inside and outside so we can do a before and after kinda thing as we go along! I can't wait to share it with y'all!! It's gonna be great! And then after we do all that, we are going to get our acre of land graded and get well and septic put in and move our camper to it and start building around it, and eventually pull it out and finish the inside for our house!! YAY! So anyway, all my loyal blog followers don't leave me yet, cause it's about to get good!! Gotta go, hope all is well with y'all!! God Bless!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's a very blustery day today!

Hey y'all!

    Boy was the camper rockin like a beer can on the side of the Charlotte motor speedway last night!! Our wind speeds got up to 50 mph last night and almost 60 today! We put cinder blocks around the bottom of the camper last year to keep the cold from getting under it, so it doesn't shake quite as much as it used to. But we still get a little uneasy when those early winter winds start blowing through our little mountain holler, I know it's spelled hollow, but we call it a holler. It started blowing snow here last night, and from what I have heard we may get 1-2 inches before the night is over! I love snow, but man is it early this year! I hope we don't have a winter like we did year before last, when it snowed 14 inches in November and didn't melt until April. It was 9 degrees at night and 12 during the day that whole winter! And I had a few bruises from my 5 am trips to the chicken coop, because the snow was packed down and turned to solid ice. So one morning I  got out there at 5 am in my 3 layers in the -15 wind chills and was half asleep  and stepped wrong, landed on my hip and slid down hill all the way to the coop! Good fun! I like to sled but not on my hips!

    So, last weekend I took a trip to Cades Cove, TN with my dear friend Terri and her husband, to do a photo shoot, my first one! They are expecting their first child and wanted maternity pics done. The weather  was perfect, but the traffic was not! But it was still a good day!
Here is 3 of my favorite pictures from the session

They are the sweetest Christian couple, and will make the best parents! Well, I guess that's all for now, if I don't blow away, then I will post some more later. I am super busy getting ready for a craft sale at our local community center next month, I hope I do well! Everyone stay safe in these crazy storms that are coming! God Bless!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My huge hiatus...

Hey y'all!!

  Oh am I happy to be back!! I have had soooo much going on and been gone so long,  I am surprised I still have followers! Thanks for sticking with me! It's been one thing right after another, I started a cleaning job and the garden has beat my butt this summer!! But we have put up a lot of goodies for this winter, lots of greasy beans, pickled okra, tomatoes, and black eyes peas! Oh, and I grew my first pinto beans this year and I love them!!

   So I hope everyone out there in blog land is doing well, I have missed y'all! But I think I am back for goos now that everything is slowing down a bit. I want to start blogging more about camper life. It has gotten very interesting since I last posted. We got rid of our mouse, and finally started getting some sleep, and I started hearing noises under the bed again ( for those of you that just started following, my husband and I have lived in a camper for the past 4 yrs and our bed has a storage compartment under it). Then we started smelling what we thought was cat pee from the wild cats in the woods in our area. I thought maybe one of them had gotten under the camper some how and made it home. And we only smelled it every few days or weeks. So I had planned on getting under  there and coaxing them out to figure out how they were getting under there. So, before I had a chance to do that, I came home one night, and hubby had one of those looks, you know the one that looks like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, and he just got caught. So he just looked at me and I said what, and he said you love me right? And by this point I had all kinds of things running through my head, and of course I said yes I love you, why? He said, well I don't really want to tell you this, but I found the cat pee smell, and he still had that look, so I said, ok what was it cats right? He looked at me with this horrible face and shook his head, and said no, it was a snake! Oh boy did I throw a fit! I don't know if I have ever said this on here or not, but I have a debilitating  fear of snakes, I freeze up, stop breathing, and have been known to pass out! So he grabbed me and hugged me, and said it was just his skin, it was a black snake, and I searched the camper from corner to corner and high and low, and he is gone! And of course that did NOT make me feel any better, it was under there at one time, and that's all I needed to know! I slept better than I thought I would the first night, but the second night I was was wide awake all night! SO we got some moth balls and hubby put them under the bed. How did the snake get in you ask? Well hubby had to do some work under the camper a while back and there is a hole in the under side of the camper the size of a baseball. I asked why it was not plugged up and he said he tried to plug it up but it wouldn't stay. So, the moth balls made me feel better until that was all you could smell, and it ran us out! So hubby plugged the hole up from the inside and took the moth balls out, so, so far so good, I guess we shall see, or I hope not see!!
 I hope to get some pictures of the camper posted soon, as soon as we clean up the yard some. I hope you all are doing well! God Bless!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

They have taken over!!!

Hey y'all,

     Ugh! The ants are driving me crazy! We have had ants in our humble little camper for about 2 months now, and we have tried everything to no avail! They fall on our heads when we are brushing our teeth!  I think the little stinkers just spit the poison out and laugh! I probably sweep up about 50 a day, no lie, it's crazy! We did finally find where they are coming in, and I don't quite understand it, but they are going up and in the main outlet to our camper, and they come out in the light bulb over the bathroom sink, explain that one to me, cause I don't know! And no ant killer known to man works, so, my mama and I found a recipe online for natural spider repellent, and I thought, heck why not, what could it  hurt right? So we made some, it's pure orange oil, peppermint castile soap, and vinegar. We put it in a spray bottle and I sprayed, well ok, drenched the inside of the camper with it, and it worked for about 2 days, so every 2 days now I am spraying that stuff, which smells really great by the way, and if I don't forget to do it, we are almost ant free for a couple days, we see maybe 3 ants. BUT, if I forget, whoa nelly!! They come back with a vengeance!! And, since I started using it, no spiders, and our little mouse, you know, the one that plays the drums under our bed at night, well he hates it, I have not heard him in 3 nights!!!! So, I call it my miracle worker, and the best part is, it's all natural!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Forgot to mention...

Hey y'all,

   I forgot to mention that I am very excited about an opportunity that God presented me with!  My hubby got me a 8x10 paper mold for Christmas and I have been fooling around with making paper. Well I made some lavender bookmarks, they are purple with dried lavender in them. Someone saw them on my etsy site and asked me to make her 150 for her upcoming wedding!!!! Never thought that would happen!! So I hope it's just the beginning!!

Where I have been and Hummingbirds

Hey y'all, I sure have missed ya! it seems time between my posts gets longer and longer! Things have been crazy busy around here! I am now working part time, and in between that, starting seeds and trying to keep them from freezing in our mountain temps here, it snowed the other day!! I think spring and winter got their info mixed up this year.

     I am still planning on blogging about my life in a camper, I will have a lot to write about next time, I need pictures first. We have had a horrid ant problem for a while now, and there seems to be a mouse that gets in the storage compartment under our bed at night of all times, and starts making an awful racket that sounds like he is a drummer in a hard rock band!! And banging on the walls and poison does  not phase him, I think he likes it! So, anyway, I hope to have lots of pictures and posts in the days and weeks to come, sorry it's been so long! I will leave you today with some pictures I took of our returning hummingbirds that decided to come back a week early just in time for the cold snap!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Homemade seed starting pots

Hi y'all!

   I don't know about the rest of you, but I am just about to bust at the seams waiting on seed starting time! I have been drooling over seed catalogs for about a month now, and get more catalogs everyday! Since Husband and I are trying to grow, harvest, and put up everything we would need during the winter, we have acquired an extra field for growing, and I could not be more excited! I hope I will still be saying that about June or July when I have sores on my hands, a bad back, sunburn, and bug bites!! I think its all worth it! Especially since we didn't have to buy any veggies this winter, we had all we needed  here! Anyway, I thought I would share some of the things I use to start seeds in.

  •   News paper pots- there is an awesome video that tells you exactly how to do this on youtube, very easy! and a great way to recycle, when the plants are ready to plant in the ground, just pop them in news paper and all!
  • Plastic containers lettuce comes in- If you buy lettuce or anything else for that matter in those wide plastic containers, just wash it, dry it, and poke holes in the bottom and sides, and presto! recycled plant pot! If you start sprouts or lettuce in these, most times you can just leave it in there and let it grow! 
  • Yogurt containers- I buy yogurt in big plastic containers, and I have been saving them, because this spring, I can poke holes in them, and start seeds, or grow herbs!
  • Cardboard egg cartons- If you buy your eggs in cardboard cartons, save them, and fill the spaces with dirt, some people save the egg shells also and put the seeds in them, but if you want to just use the carton, use the space where the eggs were and when it comes time to plant, just cut each one off and plant the whole thing!
  • Milk, soda, and water bottles- Just cut them in half and poke holes in them and you have pots!
Well, I hope this has been helpful to some one out there! Just a little tidbit, if you like heirloom seeds, and want to save them, check out Baker Creek Heirloom seed company, and Sow True Seeds, Sow True is  local here where I live near Asheville, NC. Happy planting!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still here!

Hey Y'all, just wanted to let ya know I am still here, I have had a lot of family and church stuff going on, and I have been really busy!! But I didn't want y'all to forget about me! So, I hope to be back to blogging really soon, but until then, I thought I would leave you with some pictures from the Cow Pens battlefield, in SC. We went a few weeks ago, and had a blast!! God Bless!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Camper living

Hey y'all,

    I hope everyone had blessed holidays! I did, but I am soooo ready to start seeds, plant things, and play in the dirt! I have been  intensely looking at  seed and chicken catalogs for weeks now, and its about to kill me!!

  But moving on, I am going to start blogging about what life is like in a 25 foot travel camper. My husband and I have lived in one for 3 yrs now, since we said I do in 2008. We decided to live in one, for several reasons. I didn't have a job, I quit my lab clerk job at the hospital where I worked for 4 yrs because of stress, and I couldn't find another one. So that little detail is one reason we decided to buy a camper. My husband had a job and a good one that he still has thank God, so we  had one source of income. We bought an acre of land next to my mom and dad, and started paying  on it, but it still had to be cleared of very thick trees. So we put our camper on hubbies grandpa's land where there had once been a home, so it had septic and well hook up that we could hook into, which was a blessing. So we had everything hooked up with the camper, and moved in after we got married with the intention of building a small home within 6 months to a  year, but that never happened.
But I have to go for now, there will be more to come later with some pictures!
Take care and God Bless!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back again, I hope I can stay this time!

Hey y'all,

    Well I did it again, I went weeks and weeks without posting anything, sorry about that!
I have been taking turns staying with my grandmother, visiting family in Savannah, it got kinda crazy around Christmas time, then we all got sick with an awful virus we seem to be passing back and forth, and now finally I have time to blog! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and new year, I sure did!

   We had our first snow fall of the year, but before I could take pictures it was gone with the wind!  For the past two years we have had 9 degree temps and below 0 wind chills and last year and the year before it snowed 12 inches in November and didn't melt until April! So this year we are getting a much needed break from the bitter cold and snow.

   My hubby and I have lived in a 25' camper since we got married 3 yrs ago, trying to save money to build something small, and pay on our acre of land. So, I was thinking about blogging more about that this year, since it has been quite an adventure and learning experience, would anyone be interested in reading about that? if not, I will drop the idea, and move on to something else. Well, gotta go finish up some laundry, thank goodness it's too cold to hang the clothes on the line today, the squirrels have been extra crazy  ;o)

The enchanting Blue Ridge Mountains I call home.


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